Digital Safe has partnered up with Fortinet, paratus and the HackTheBox platform to host The first ever CTF (capture the flag) competition in zambia starting 17th september 2022 at 10h00 am.

This 24-hour competition involves teams hacking and solving cyber security challenges, for each completed challenge your team shall be awarded a number of points. once the 24 hours are up, The team with the most points shall be crowned champions. top 3 teams shall be awarded with prizes.

find out more about HackTheBox by consulting the guide below.
Closing date for Registration: 26th August 2022

logo to our web
  1. Click Here to Access the HackTheBox Academy.
  2. Sign up to the platform.
  3. Create user and password.
  4. Once verified, attend the Introductory module.
  5. After completing the Introductory module, you are advised to complete all Tier 0 modules as preparation.
  6. Team registration starts on 29th July 2022.
  7. Join Our Access Granted CTF Discord Server for updates and live support.