Your data is valuable, Protect it.

Big company or small business, your data is valuable to not only you but hackers too. Don’t ever think that your firm is “too small” to be the victim of an attack.

According to a recent NY times article, sixty percent of all online attacks in 2018 targeted small and midsize businesses. That number has only been growing over the past few years.

With the increase in popularity of ransomware and phishing scams, individuals and businesses at every level are more prone to be targeted. It is easy money for criminals and puts almost all businesses at a standstill when critical data isn’t accessible.

Still not thinking that you have anything to worry about? You might not have data that is crucial for doing business every day, but you might have equipment that is under-used or lacking in security. Hackers can use your computer to run attacks on larger companies making them almost untraceable. All these companies will see when they trace the attacks is that YOUR equipment is doing it.

In today’s age, computers are an essential part of your daily life, whether you want to believe it or not. The adage states “it’s better to be safe than sorry” and that is true when it comes to your technology. Protect your data and equipment before you are being held hostage by a hacker.

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