Our IT Security Services

IT Security Services

Understand your risks, enhance your security, know you’re protected.

While technology has brought an enormous amount of efficiency to modern businesses, it’s also greatly increased the risk of data loss and operational interruption due to malicious activity.

Are you aware of the potential security risks to your critical IT infrastructure?

Do you have formal policies and systems in place, with regular testing to insure they remain secure?

Whether you’re looking to confirm if your protection measures are adequate or have recently experienced cyber-attack that’s left you looking for answers and solutions to prevent future losses, our IT Security Services can provide the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Our IT Security Services

IT Security Auditing and Risk Management

As threats to your organization’s security continue to grow in number and sophistication, auditing your IT security and ensuring your risks are properly managed is paramount to preventing critical failures and remaining competitive.

Our IT Security Auditing and Risk Management Services can help you understand, manage, and mitigate risks – from minor to catastrophic, well-known hazards to emerging dangers.

Whether you have professional security systems in place already but are unsure whether your current protection is adequate or have recently experienced a breach and need to understand how to recover and prevent future intrusions, we will ensure your data and infrastructure are secure.

Key Features

  • IT auditing and risk assessment to analyze your current threat environment, identify weaknesses, and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Advisement on which security solutions best fit your business needs to manage and mitigate risks according to your business infrastructure, objectives, and budget.
  • Implementation of policies and systems to ensure optimal balance between protection, performance, and efficiency.

IDS, IPS and Firewall Implementation

Numerous security measures can be implemented to form an effective IT security program, but two essential tools you should not be without are network Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).

These devices passively and actively monitor and secure your networks and are tuned-in to the latest security threats to guarantee maximum protection.

Through our IDS, IPS, and Firewall Implementation Services, our consultants provide the expert help you need to improve the effectiveness of your existing IDS/IPS systems, identify and respond to threats faster, and provide increased visibility into security activity to maximize ROI on your security investments.

Key Features

  • Device provisioning and deployment to quickly implement new security systems.
  • Performance and availability management to optimize speed, uptime, and security.
  • Real-time monitoring to provide proactive threat response.

 Cyber Intelligence and Penetration Testing Services

While there are numerous active and passive security measures to help protect your business in the technological era, no solution is 100% effective.

That is why it’s essential for modern enterprises to actively test and assess security systems and policies to fully understand their risks and validate the effectiveness of existing measures.

We offer a variety of intelligence and testing services – from network, web application, mobile, and social engineering penetration tests, to cyber intelligence reporting and investigation services – to actively assess your security levels, prevent attacks before they happen, and ensure your business is compliant with any applicable regulatory requirements.

Explore our Cyber Intelligence and Penetration Testing Services here.

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