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Cybersecurity Roundup, June 25, 2021

Looking at recent trends, it is imperative for organizations to prioritize ransomware defense. Lately, the network of an Iowa eye clinic was compromised in a ransomware attack affecting hundreds of thousands of patients. Meanwhile, the third-largest Belgium city was targeted in an attack, forcing several critical services to go offline.  On that note, let’s dive in for the top ten cybersecurity news from the past 24 hours.

  1. Wolfe Eye Clinic suffered a leak of 500,000 patients’ data across Iowa owing to a ransomware attack. It claimed no ransom payment was made to the hackers.
  2. The City of LiegeBelgium, suffered a ransomware attack that crippled its municipality’s IT network and other online services, including birth registration, wedding, and burial services.
  3. Adversaries hacked Swedish IT firm InfoSolutions and accessed a database containing over three million COVID-19 test results. The motive of the attack remains unclear.
  4. WorkForce West Virginia revealed that an unauthorized third party breached its network and possibly stole the personal information of state residents.
  5. Fleury SA, a Brazilian medical lab firm, disclosed that a cyberattack temporarily disabled its IT operations.
  6. The NSA announced it is funding the development and release of the D3FEND framework to help security professionals tailor their defenses against specific security threats.
  7. The Tulsa Police Department is warning residents to pay heed to fraudulent transactions and other suspicious activities involving credentials as the data stolen in a ransomware attack last month was shared on the dark web.
  8. Honeywell reported a spike in the number of cyber threats leveraging USBs and other external media devices, with 79% of attempts qualified enough to disrupt OT systems.
  9. Cl0p ransomware hackers posted stolen data on their dark website claiming it was stolen from a new victim. Though Ukrainian police detained several members of the gang last week, the group is still seemingly active.
  10. Identity security company Ping Identity acquired fraud and bot detection and mitigation firm SecuredTouch.

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